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Cloud Phone System & Virtual Meeting Platform

“If you’re a small business owner looking for an affordable, comprehensive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, GoToConnect just might be the right solution for you. The service is tailored to small and midsize businesses and offers compatibility with a wide range of devices. ?/h2>

GoTo Connect Review 2022

What is GoToConnect?

LogMeIn’s GoToConnect is a business communication service that offers secure, streamlined, mobile VoIP phone service with built-in messaging and meetings. GoToConnect is one of several of LogMeIn’s GoTo products that come together to create a unified communications platform that makes it easy for business owners to use voice, video, or contact center services from any mobile or desktop device.

Because GoToConnect is a cloud-based solution, it eliminates the need for expensive hardware. It also makes it easier to fully take advantage of the system’s 57 integrations with other services and apps. The low price (around $20-30 a month) makes it an affordable and enticing option for small business owners.

Key features

Most small business owners are drawn to GoToConnect for its standard calling features, which help small businesses better manage phone calls and gain credibility with customers.

Here are some of the most useful calling features GoToConnect offers:

Calling from any device anywhere

The point of a cloud-based phone system is flexibility: connecting a variety of employee devices so they can call in anytime, anywhere. All of GoToConnect’s tiered plans include this option, including allowing workers to call from desktop, web browsers, and any device like a phone or a tablet that uses iOS or Android apps. Other VoIP providers struggle with allowing employees to bring their own devices that can connect to the rest of the business communication services. GoToConnect is a great option for small businesses looking to use a variety of devices to communicate.

Auto attendant

This virtual receptionist performs a range of tasks, including automated answering, extension dialing, and call routing. The basic plan is limited to one recorded auto attendant recorded greeting, but the standard and premium plans include unlimited greetings. This can be a great way to ensure that customers are reaching the people they need to reach while freeing up receptionists’ time so they’re not fielding and redirecting calls all day long.

Voicemail to email

One useful feature from GoToConnect is that business owners can save voicemails as audio files, then send the file via email to other employees or to themselves if they want to listen to the messages on the go. This feature is only included with the standard and premium plans, not the basic.

Ring groups

Sometimes work communication can get bogged down when someone is away from their desk or on another call. GoToConnect’s solution for this problem is a ring group. A ring group causes a group of devices to ring anytime a certain extension is dialed, which can increase efficiency answering inbound calls. We’ll be honest, making more devices ring might increase the likelihood that someone else can answer, but it doesn’t magically make the person you’re trying to reach suddenly available or increase the number of employees around to answer calls.

Hot desking

In a world that’s increasingly shifting to remote work and desk sharing, more and more businesses are moving away from expensive office space rentals and opting for hotel-type office and desk rentals. That means one employee may be in the office one day and a different employee might be at the desk the next day. Hot desking allows employees who work different shifts to share a phone device simply by logging in with a username and password.

Built-in meetings and messaging

GoToConnect’s flexible cloud phone system also includes unlimited team messaging and audio conferencing at all plan levels. The standard and premium levels include unlimited video conferencing between 150 and 250 participants, respectively.

GoToConnect also offers other helpful features like customized business phone numbers, smart call routing and call forwarding, call monitoring and analytics, real-time queue updates, hold music, and virtual faxing. The tool integrates with more than 20 business applications, such as Salesforce, Google, CRM, and Zendesk.


GoToConnect’s pricing

So what’s the catch, so far? You probably guessed it. Opt for the lowest pricing tier and you won’t have all of the robust features I’ve been raving about thus far. The “Basic” plan, as you’ll see, is a bare-bones version of what you’ll really want if you’re trying to arm your entire enterprise with a unique cloud-based VoIP system.

Here’s what you need to know about the pricing tiers on offer:

  1. Basic: $22/month per user. This is the “simplified” version of the system, which means you’ll get the phone system and the “basic meeting features.” And not much else. There are less expensive ways to get more robust VoIP offerings, which is why GoToConnect is really positioning itself as more of a business/enterprise-based offering.
  2. Standard: $26/month per user. The good news is that it’s only $4/month per user more for adding the fully featured phone, video conferencing, and the business chat system.
  3. Premium: $39/month per user. You know those pricing tiers that are so scary that they ask you to “contact them” about a price? Just what are they hiding, anyway? This is that one for GoToConnect. However, it’s worth noting that adding this pricing to the equation gets you access to one of the most unique aspects of GoToConnect: its support offerings for streamlining the support you offer to customers. But what about GoToConnect’s own version of support?